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The North Dakota News Cooperative is a fairly new, non-profit (501c3) journalism venture covering our state and our state only. It was started out of grave concern for the future of community journalism.

Time and again we asked ourselves, if there aren't local journalists, who is going to hold governments accountable? Who is going to tell the stories of our communities? How will the absence of an independent voice impact our communities?

In July 2022 we hired Michael Standaert, a veteran journalist who has written for the Washington Post, Bloomberg, and others. Immediately he began writing deep dive stories about North Dakota, for North Dakotans. You can see the stories in the state's newspapers or read them at on this site under News. In November 2023 we also are launching the new North Dakota Poll.

Grants from some statewide foundations and supportive individuals have allowed us to do this work, but it's not enough. To sustain NDNC and help us grow stronger, we need people like you who care about the difference that local journalism makes in a democracy.

Your charitable contribution will make a difference, and we promise we'll put it to use to increase public access to quality journalism and news literacy across the state.

You can donate by mail to North Dakota News Cooperative, 501 E. Main Ave., Suite 75, Bismarck, ND 58501.. Please include the full name and address of the donor so the donation can be acknowledged and a receipt can be provided.

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North Dakota News is a registered nonprofit corporation in North Dakota and is an IRS-designated 501(C)3 organization, and all donations are tax-deductible.

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