ND Poll

North Dakota News Cooperative Launches North Dakota Poll

The North Dakota News Cooperative (NDNC) announced today that it has developed a new public opinion research service that will measure current attitudes and opinions on a variety of public policy and consumer issues. The North Dakota Poll (ND Poll) will be the only regular, non-partisan statewide survey of eligible North Dakota voters and consumers.

“The ND Poll will be the most comprehensive, cost-effective and accurate polling ever conducted in the state of North Dakota,” said Steve Andrist, NDNC co-chair. “We developed this new service to guide our own news coverage, but also want to make it available to others.”

The ND Poll will serve as an “omnibus” survey providing media organizations, trade associations, businesses, government agencies and other interested groups with an affordable opportunity to survey the citizens of North Dakota on their own issues. By sharing the common costs associated with conducting statewide polls, omnibus surveys provide a cost-effective way to scientifically survey the public.

“We invite anyone interested in knowing more about the attitudes and opinions of North Dakotans on any specific issue to contact us about participating in our regular polls. Any data collected on behalf of others will be provided to them on a strictly confidential basis,” said Jill Denning Gackle, NDNC co-chair.

Participants in the omnibus survey will be provided with the “topline“ results for the questions they ask along with the “crosstab” results which break down the data into many different demographic categories including age, gender, ethnicity, income, education, region/media market and political party preference.

The NDNC has partnered with WPA Intelligence, a leading national provider of survey research, predictive analytics and data management technology to assist in survey design, representative sampling, programming, fielding and data analysis.

For more information about participating in the next ND Poll, please contact Steve Andrist, Jill Denning Gackle at jilldg@restel.com or Brian Lunde at brian.a.lunde@gmail.com.


(The North Dakota News Cooperative, a new non-profit news organization, provides diverse, reliable and independent reporting on issues and events that impact the lives of North Dakotans. It increases the public’s access to quality journalism and advances news literacy across the state. For more information about NDNC, please visit newscoopnd.org).